About Us

A wild and bazar take on the week that was in Rugby League (in particular the NRL) and the world. You won’t hear this craziness anywhere else.

Ex Dooms Day cult leader Larry Floyd is a scientist of our great game Rugby League. He pioneered the controversial Dutch bucket scrum and was the first to give a touchie the Dirty Sanchez.

Ray Carney is a man who is as comfortable in a dot com boardroom as he is in a Colombian prison bukkake and gives the team a detailed and nuanced analysis of the game.

Morton Paragon the pioneer of chicken boxing and author of The Sex pests guide to balloon folding has an idiot savants recollection of the non sensical minutiae of the game.

Jimmy the hand known for his tough uncompromising style of play and his ability to raise a barn during rumspringa adds a tough honesty to the call team that is reminiscent of the hat blockers of 1930s pre war Berlin.

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